We stopped our 24 Hour over night challenge at 3am when a mystery monster was spotted!!

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In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œLiving UNDERWATER For 24 Hours Challenge!! (New House Tour)” Steven and his sister Grace Sharer had epic share the love fun with that challenge but decided to step it up a notch and Grace Sharer decided to do β€œCamping 24 Hours Overnight Challenge in Our Backyard!! (Haunted Monster Spotted)” and in that overnight challenge, it became super haunted because there was some sort of mystery monster maybe from the pond that showed up in the backyard camp site. Not sure if it was spooky or haunted the Sharer Fam explored the backyard camp site with hot dogs and snacks to try to feed the monster in case it wanted some edible food and candy snacks. Then all the sudden the monster was spotted by the tent and the sharers Hide and Seek to escape the monster at 3am. What type of #pondmonster do you think is at the camp tent? Or do you think it is the #GameMaster that has been following Stephen and Grace for so long?!

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