24 Hours HANDCUFFED To HACKER in My HOUSE! (Testing Viral Tik Tok Life Hacks to Escape Good VS Evil)

After Rebecca Zamolo posted Giant SCOOBY DOO Game in Real Life at Haunted HACKER CASTLE (24 Hours in DIY Disguise on Leap Year), Matt and Rebecca created “Trapped In Moving Truck For 24 Hours Challenge (Found Clues of Secret Date with Viral Life Hacks)”, The Real Game Master created RZ Twin is in Trouble! Spending 24 Hours with Game Master In Real Life Hacker Escape Room Prank, then the Game Master incorporated uploaded Convincing My BEST FRIEND to be EVIL (Trapping Agent for 24 hours in Secret Escape Room). Rebecca wakes up handcuffed to the evil hacker Agent S inside her house. Rebecca’s best friend Zoe and husband Matt are handcuffed to hackers too and they are all in angel and devil disguises! The best friends find a video message from a mysterious man telling them they must complete the challenges in 24 hours if they want the keys to the handcuffs and not stay trapped. Matt doesn’t like that his wife is with Agent R because he thinks the agent has a crush on her. The first challenge is the “you catch it you keep it “ Morgz challenge with mystery boxes. Each team is boys vs girls and we each catch a box. Inside the box is testing viral tik tok food hacks challenge. Everyone gets to test their tik tok food and the best hack wins! Rebecca and Agent R lose and now have a disadvantage for the final challenge. The egg drop test requires each team to try to catch an egg dropped from 45 feet. We find the keys to the handcuffs inside the eggs and can escape. Rebecca finds a powerful device from the Game Master and falls down. Who do you think is behind this mystery? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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