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Manufacturers, developers, and retailers are known for occasionally putting together a popular selling item or one that does not sell as well with well-known games in hopes of profiting off the bundles. The concept is pretty widely used, and AMD is going to offer a bundle of their RX 6000 series cards with some top games, it is very unusual, especially with the immediacy of rolling out their program early.

AMD rushes to sell the company’s Radeon RX 6000 cards priced under MSRP and releases an unknown game bundle promotion that has no evidence on prices, a complete list of games, and more

Graphics cards are in such heavy necessity, even to this day, that bundling with games and accessories may seem like a bonus. Right now, the market is quite suitable for everyone. Prices have lowered on graphics cards. The current crypto market is showing a slight decline, allowing the components to be more available to all. There are a lot of top-tier, premium games that require high-end hardware for the ultimate experience.

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However, the news from AMD seems more gloomy and possibly could hurt the company, which explains the change in an upcoming game and GPU bundle that is active right now. Well, in a way. AMD launched the latest Radeon RX 6X50 XT graphics cards, consisting of the 6650, 6750, and 6950 XT models. The cards are the last to be produced using the RDNA2 technology as the company begins work on products for the RDNA3 technology.

Since the market is in flux, AMD feverishly announced their “Raise The Game” bundle way before the officials told the date. So, the bundle is active, but the company has yet to let users know what games will be available. This action by AMD is unique, as the company has not pushed a bundle out so quickly without full details and more before the slated announcement.

AnandTech accessed additional details that have eluded other news outlets. The bundle will include the brand-new Saint’s Row next-gen game and Sniper Elite 5. Both games have yet to release, with Sniper Elite 5 coming out in twelve days and Saint’s Row looking at an August 23rd launch. But, this is also speculation due to the games not being confirmed as part of the bundle.

Additionally, AMD has not commented on the terms and conditions of the bundle, which could include more specifics such as tiers, price points, and more. The only reliable information revealed is that AMD will consist of AMD’s RX 6400 graphics card in their bundle.

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Right now, any purchase made from May 10, 2022, to August 13, 2022, from AMD will be eligible for the bundle. Once we have more details to share, we will update this story.

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