Breaking into a GIANT Masquerade Ball in Disguise at HACKER MANSION! (24 Hours Trapped Overnight)

After being trapped for more than 24 hours, Matt creates a plan to sneak into the giant masquerade ball to defeat the Game Master Incorporated.

Rebecca Zamolo attended a Giant MASQUERADE BALL at HACKER Mansion to Win $10,000! (Game Master Challenge) while Matt her husband was trapped in the basement. Matt sees his twin who will be singing the new song from the music video. One of the game master inc. agent’s drops a key and Matt uses it to escape the handcuffs. Quickly afterwards a quadrant member arrives and Matt puts the handcuffs back on. He gets into a quick battle royale and does a clothes swap. Now that Matt is in disguise he can attend and crash this party to stop Mr X. Matt sees his wife Rebecca but doesn’t realize it is her and Daniel in disguise too. He hears the leader give a speech and needs to play hide and seek before they realize its Matt. Rebecca doesn’t realize it is her husband and takes him out while trying to escape. Alice, Daniel and Rebecca need to solve the riddle and clue in order to escape. After her best friend Alice helps them break free she realizes it was her husband all along. Can they escape before the Gamemaster incorporated find them? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment adventure vlog videos in 2019!

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Rebecca Zamolo – Giant MASQUERADE BALL at HACKER Mansion to Win $10,000! (Game Master Challenge)

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