Breaking Rebecca Out of the Hospital Emergency Room! (Emotional)

Rebecca had to go the the Emergency Room Trip to the Hospital! (Emotional Surgery) Then, Matt and Rebecca created an Among Us In Real Life But We Are Incredibles Super Hero Mod! The Game Master network posted a surprise Double Date with Maddie’s Ex Crush Gone Wrong. Now in order to save Rebecca we must rescue her from the fake hospital. RZ twin had a vision saying it was the RHS Hospital Facility. Matt, Maddie and Robbie Rob get into disguise undercover and go to the location. When they arrive Maddie is Pregnant while Robbie Rob is an old man. Matt is now the doctor and they pretend to work at a hospital. Matt comes up with plan to split up and search for his wife Rebecca. When they found Rebecca she was in a room by herself but she can’t escape. Will they be able to get her our will they be trapped for 24 hours straight? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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