Aston Martin DBS Vantage: Aston Martin has always been a byword for stylish, luxurious grand tourers, and this 1969 DBS Vantage is one of the finest interpretations of the formula. Billed as the successor to the DB6, the DBS was the catalyst for the brand’s visual reinvention under William Towns. Just 300 were built in Vantage spec and only 317 right-hand-drive examples of the DBS were fitted with a ZF manual gearbox. One was this car, which was treated to a £20,000 overhaul in 2015, receiving new brakes, suspension, steering and ignition, while the interior was kept as original as possible. It sold for £110,000.

Future classic

TVR Tuscan, £44,995: A homage to the 1967 car of the same name, the Tuscan arrived in 1999 to a one-year media drive ban from TVR owner Peter Wheeler. Its wild design was enough to build excitement, though, even before we were allowed to get behind the wheel and experience its bespoke 360bhp 4.0-litre straight six. This example was the first Tuscan S off the line, meaning it has 390bhp and improved aerodynamics. It also has history outside of its production number, having appeared no fewer than three times on the front cover of this magazine.

Clash of the classifieds

Brief: Can I buy an exotic Italian car for less than £20,000?


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