CWC vs HACKER in RACE to SENSEI to Upgrade Project Zorgo Ninja Gadget


After Vy Qwaint made I GOT CAUGHT Going UNDERCOVER as a HACKER GIRL at PROJECT ZORGO MEETING, Chad Wild Clay created I CRASH HACKER MEETING (Project Zorgo Mystery Box Unboxing New Ninja Gadgets), Daniel uploaded Throwing a DART at a MAP & Doing Whatever it Lands On – Project Zorgo Hacker Challenge, Chad escapes from the secret Project Zorgo meeting where the members discus their mission to bring the spy ninja destroyer hacker gadget to 5 mysterious wise men to upgrade them. CWC picks up Daniel in his hacker-proof Delorean and they receive a call from Vy about a race against PZ member to the old man, named Sensei. They have to arrive within only 10 minutes! The duo hurries to the coordinates location and encounter a few hackers along the way. They defeat one and it grants the team bonus time enabling them to explore more. They find clues leading Chad and Daniel to the missing razor scooter. It speeds up their journey. Another hacker approaches they are able to take him out winning another time bonus. They find a note covered in slime that directs the squad to some hidden batarangs, which could possibly belong to the wise man Sensei. The team regroups with Vy and the three narrowly catch up to the hacker just in time to meet the Sensei. A fierce duel ninja battle royale ensues. What will the Sensei do to the ninja gadgets? Will Chad defeat the hacker? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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