Daniel is Captured! Hackers Took His Dog and Spy Ninjas Spending 24 Hour Rescue Mission Challenge

After Chad Wild Clay made the video “Spy Ninjas Break Up? CWC vs Project Zorgo Hacker Battle Royale Challenge Competition for 24 Hours!”, Vy Qwaint created “Vy and Regina are Mad! Best Friends Spending 24 Hours in a Spy Ninjas Battle Royale Challenge”, and Daniel uploaded “DIY Fastest Car Built from Junk Wins Challenge! Boys vs Girls Battle Royale 2 Reveals Hacker Secrets” to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, Joseph Banks the scientist informed us to go on a mission to obtain a mysterious secret item from a Project Zorgo hacker! We had to do a battle royale between PZ 715 the upgraded hacker and PZ9 The Best Fighter aka Melvin. He used Fornite Dances and spy gadgets to defeat him! After Melvin won the challenge, Joseph Banks told us he had to get one more thing! Regina and Melvin started to get really upset. They don’t want to go down the hatch anymore! We had an argument after we went to the Nevada Desert in the hacker-proof Delorean. Suddenly, the Spy Ninjas broke up into groups. Melvin is not following the Spy Ninja rules! Daniel says he saw his lost dog Douglas but then was captured by Project Zorgo Hackers! The other Spy Ninjas are still split up, but followed a drone to find out Daniel is in trouble, and is closely guarded by PZ44. Hackers have him on a dangerous ledge and Regina, Melvin, Chad, and Vy must come up with a plan to save Daniel. Will Daniel be rescued in time? Can the Spy Ninjas save Daniel and end their feud? Can Regina stop a cowboy hacker using her skills as a master of disguise? Will Chad and Melvin need to settle their argument to battle royale hackers together? Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!

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