DANIEL SECRETS REVEAL! Spending 24 Hours Solving Clues about Mom Relatable Moments School Hacks

DANIEL SECRETS REVEAL! Spending 24 Hours Solving Clues about Mom Relatable Moments School Hacks


After Chad Wild Clay made SPY NINJAS vs HACKER PZ9! Competing in World’s Largest Obstacle Course Bounce House to Reveal Daniel, Vy Qwaint created WE BATTLE HACKERS in WORLD’S BIGGEST BOUNCE HOUSE to REVEAL Secret Files of Daniel’s Memory, and Daniel uploaded HACKERS TRAP ME in MAZE! Spending 24 Hours in Worlds Largest Bounce House vs Hide and Seek Challenge to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel the Spy Ninjas follow PZ9 to the World’s Largest Bounce House to get secret information about Daniel’s past! At the bounce house, we encounter hackers including PZ9 who have envelopes containing secret files of Daniel memories. PZ9 leads the Spy Ninjas into the huge airSPACE Maze where they need to track down hackers who have secrets of Daniel’s past while avoiding other hackers who try to deceive the Spy Ninjas! PZ9 gets out of the escape room maze and leads us to an obstacle course challenge! CWC defeats PZ9 in a bounce house battle royale using his spy ninja skills and gadgets. PZ9 gives us clues on Daniel’s mom and family, his talents and his secret past. Hopefully, this will restore Daniel’s memory! Now we go back to the safe house to put all the clues together! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019!

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