DISS TRACK SONG BATTLE ROYALE Challenge! (Matt and Rebecca Zamolo vs Game Master Inc Roast)

Matt and Rebecca Zamolo record a rap battle roast diss track.

After Rebecca Zamolo recorded BEST FRIEND NAME REVEAL in 24 HOURS SONG Challenge! (Official music video) we now challenge the GMI to a Roast Battle Royale. First everyone meets in the new apartment to discuss the challenges. Rebecca tricks the agents in saying it isn’t a diss track. Next they go to the safe house to work on the beat and lyrics. The agents creativity is missing so they sneak back and break into Matt and Rebecca house to steal the lyrics. When they get in an uber another agent is there waiting and joins them. They finally complete the songs and meet on the roof. It is almost like a prank because the agents are so bad. Alice talks about their first date and says they only get views from Rebecca’s dogs. Who will win this battle and what secret will be revealed from Agent C? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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