EXPLORING ABANDONED POOL at 3AM!! (Pond Monster Spotted)

We started our 24hour overnight challenge at the backyard pool at 3am and we spotted the pond monster!!

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Last vlog you saw Stephen Sharer posted β€œJump In! (Official Music Video)” and for the most part the pond monster hasn’t been around. But today that is all about to change because Stephen and Chase left Grace Sharer back at the Sharer Fam house and decided to go explore and abandoned pool at 3am! Thats right, this 24hour overnight challenge started at 3am when Stephen and Chase arrived at the abandoned pool to see what it would be like to swim at 3am before swim practice started for 24hours. So Steven grabbed a flash light and searched all over the pool for anything haunted and in the deep end of the pool there was definitely what looked like a pond monster spotting. Not sure whether the pond monster was back like Grace saw in her last vlog β€œLOST ON BEACH MISSION ROAD TRIP FOR 24 HOURS!! (Pond Monster Following Me)” Stephen took a closer look when all the sudden the pool lights turned on and a mystery game master type person started walking across the pool deck. Not sure if this was a pond monster or the Game Master project zorgo pz9 person Stephen and Chase walked up to get a closer look. They opened the abandoned door at 3am and went inside what came next was super scary. Would you ever explore a pool at #3am or would it be too #PondMonster haunted for you?!

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