Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge Matt and Rebecca Vs. Hacker! (End of Alice's Tricks and Hacks IRL)

Spending 24 Hours with Alice to Rescue the missing Agent Boy!!! *Cutest Reaction*

After Rebecca Zamolo uploaded Confronting REBECCA’S Best Friend HACKER! (Spending 24 Hours Searching for Missing Agent with Hacks), Matt and Rebecca created Is Alice’s Dad the Hackers Leader?! (Spending 24 Hours Searching for Missing GMI Agent) EXTREME Clue, The Real Game Master made Best Friend Trap! (Spending 24 hours Solving Clues in Escape room) Found Book of Secrets in Library and finally the Game Master IncorporatedExtreme Hide and Seek Challenge in Disguise! (Spending 24 Hours Solving Tricks and Hacks) Rescue. Now we need to escape from Mr. X and Alice so we can finally put an end to Alice. Everyone from the GMI and GMN need to hide and seek to escape the hacker team. Everyone breaks into teams and the agents reveal a huge secret about the cane and the ring. Will we escape in time and finally be done with Alice? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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