While The Mystery Neighbor is Still Stuck In Hawaii, Stephen Sharer and Best Friend John try to keep her on the Island as long as they can While Grace Sharer is at Home with the Time Machine Spy Gadget Device. So Today, the Sharers are FaceTiming Ellen on new iPhone Cyberphone

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In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œFASTEST ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE WINS $10,000 BACKYARD CHALLENGE!! (Mystery Neighbor Note Found)” you saw Stephen Sharer and his best friend and almost TWIN BROTHER John were inspired by the Supercross Motorcycle racing event that they had gone to the night before where they saw professional motorcycle riders do some of the WORLDS BIGGEST jumps and craziest tricks you have ever seen! Stephen and John even got the opportunity to watch from the front row sidelines to see the dirt bike riders up close in action! Inspired by the professionals, Stephen and John went on a mission to discover WHO IS THE FASTEST MOTORCYCLE RIDER in their HOMEMADE DIY BACKYARD RACE TRACK. Similar to past $10000 FASTEST WINS CHALLENGES, Stephen and John set up a course using cones and then throughout multiple rounds they must go AS FAST AS POSSIBLE while TESTING ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES similar to TESTING VIRAL TIKTOK TRENDS. After the first two round John and Stephen have both gone extremely fast around the Backyard Race Track and have set some super fast times. They tried both the Mini Super Speed Bike as well as the Mini Dirt Bike Off Road Motorcycle and found that because there is a jump in the middle of the course, the super speed bike which is faster on the tennis court has a tough time beating the MINI ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE MOTORCYCLE. You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John tie after the first two rounds and need to do a tiebreaker to figure out who will win the Sharer Fam $10000 Dollar CHALLENGE AND WIN ALL OF THE CHALLENGE MONEY to get the MOST CHALLENGE POINTS WINS. Lastly Stephen and John do a TEST to figure out who can JUMP THE HIGHEST WINS $10000. You won’t believe what happens next when John tries to jump the dirt bike and…!! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen and John are on a TOP SECRET MISSION to FACETIME THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER in Hawaii in order to discover as much EVIDENCE CLUES as possible so they can finally figure out why the Mystery Neighbor Karen and Ellen are after the TIME MACHINE SPY GADGET. In a previous Stephen Sharer vlog when Stephen and John sent the Mystery Neighbor to Hawaii, they attached a 24 HOURS LIVESTREAM from her vlog camera right to Stephen and Johns computers! In order to get the range necessary to reach all the way to Hawaii, John sets up three Homemade DIY CELL TOWERS in the Sharer Fam house BACKYARD. Using his new technology skills, John is able to wire the CELL SIGNAL TRANSMITTER GADGETS to his BRAND NEW TECH GAMING COMPUTER CENTRAL CONTROL PANEL and then wire in his APPLE IPHONE MacBook Pro to be able to FACETIME the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR while she is HALFWAY ACROSS THE WORLD STRANDED ON DESERTED ISLAND similar to MrBeast β€œSurviving 24 Hours On A Deserted Island”. Now that everything is connected, John must hack into the central control panel to try to make contact using his GADGET SWITCHES as HACKER DEVICES which will help him extend his calling range. The next step is to try to make official contact with the Mystery Neighbor by calling her and making direct contact. Stephen and John call and luckily she receives the call all the way in Hawaii and picks up! The mystery neighbor face reveals that she has been hiking all around the deserted island in search of the TIME MACHINE GADGET but has not found it yet. She followed the TREASURE MAP Stephen and John gave her and managed to get to the RED X MARKS THE SPOT on the map but didn’t find anything there either. When she picks up the call she is at the RED X on the TREASURE MAP of the DESERTED ISLAND and is looking around for the hidden TIME MACHINE GADGET. You won’t believe what happens next when the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN gets SUSPICIOUS about whether or not the TIME MACHINE GADGET is even in HAWAII!


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