Farming Simulator 19 Alpine Farming Expansion - Gamescom 2020 Gameplay Trailer | PS4

[gamescom 2020] Farming Simulator 19 – Alpine Farming Expansion: a new gameplay trailer to showcase grass harvesting and brand new vehicles!

Farming Simulator 19, the biggest and best Farming Simulator ever, expands on November 12 with the Alpine Farming Expansion for PlayStation 4! GIANTS Software and Focus Home Interactive are pleased to bring an all-new Alpine environment packed with activities, as well as a range of brand new vehicles and farming machinery. Get a taste of the new vehicles and grass harvesting gameplay in today’s trailer!

Widen your horizons with lucrative mountain farming activities!

The Alpine Farming Expansion’s new environment Erlengrat offers a range of exciting possibilities within its mountainous valley, including a range of lucrative mountain farming activities. The garage of authentic vehicles is expanded even further with the expansion, bringing over 30 true-to-life vehicles and farming machinery from brands including Aebi, Lindner, Pöttinger, Rigitrac, SIP and more.

The Alpine Farming Expansion releases November 12th on PlayStation 4 and will also be made available as part of both the Season Pass and Premium Edition.
The Premium Edition is already available on PlayStation 4 and will release as a retail version on November 12th.

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