Best Friend Twin John and Stephen Sharer Compete for an Epic Backyard Dirtbike Challenge on Electric Rideables While The Mystery Neighbor Ellen is Stuck in Hawaii!!!


In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œTOP SECRET SPY PLANE MISSION to PRANK MYSTERY NEIGHBOR STUCK in HAWAii!!” You saw Stephen Sharer and his best friend and almost TWIN BROTHER John were on a mission to PRANK THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR AGAIN by sending her a trick inside a mystery box all the way to the DESERTED ISLAND in Hawaii using a WORLDS SMALLEST PLANE PRIVATE JET. First Stephen discusses how they sent the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER off to Hawaii by packing her a suitcase full of SPY GADGETS, a TREASURE MAP, and more as well as attaching a LIVESTREAMING TRACKING DEVICE to her VLOG CAMERA MINI CAMERA so that way they can see anything she is doing while she vlogs it with her camera. Lastly they send her into a TESLA UBER and she is on her way to LAX Los Angeles International Airport for her 6 hour flight to HAWAII in the MIDDLE OF NO WHERE across the Pacific Ocean in order to try to get her TOP SECRET TIME MACHINE GADGET BACK. Next, Stephen and John show off their BRAND NEW HAIR FACE REVEAL, Comment #Blue if you like Stephen’s hair more or #Purple If you like Johns hair more. Then they load up their DIY HOMEMADE MYSTERY BOX DELIVERY and put it into the Sharerghini Lamborghini and are on their way to the airport! When they arrive they go through a TOP SECRET BACK ENTRANCE in order to GET ACCESS TO the airplane hangar where the plane is. Once they arrive to the Hanger they examine the plane to see if they can discover clues or evidence if the plane will be able to make it to HAWAII and deliver the top secret MYSTERY BOX DELIVERY to complete the mission. The next step is for John to go up in the plane on a short TEST MISSION to make sure everything on the plane works as planned and to see if they can trust Chris to make it to Hawaii and deliver the Mystery Box Challenge Package. First step to be able to do that is for Chris to pull the plane out of the hanger and then go add more fuel to the plane so it can cross the ocean without running out! Then Chris and John go up in the plane and test out each control and function to make sure the plane is working properly and its ready to go for a very long flight. You won’t believe what happens next when Chris and John come in for a landing! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen and John were inspired by the Supercross Motorcycle racing event that they had gone to the night before where they saw professional motorcycle riders do some of the WORLDS BIGGEST jumps and craziest tricks you have ever seen! Stephen and John even got the opportunity to watch from the front row sidelines to see the dirt bike riders up close in action! Inspired by the professionals, Stephen and John went on a mission to discover WHO IS THE FASTEST MOTORCYCLE RIDER in their HOMEMADE DIY BACKYARD RACE TRACK. Similar to past $10000 FASTEST WINS CHALLENGES, Stephen and John set up a course using cones and then throughout multiple rounds they must go AS FAST AS POSSIBLE while TESTING ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLES similar to TESTING VIRAL TIKTOK TRENDS. After the first two round John and Stephen have both gone extremely fast around the Backyard Race Track and have set some super fast times. They tried both the Mini Super Speed Bike as well as the Mini Dirt Bike Off Road Motorcycle and found that because there is a jump in the middle of the course, the super speed bike which is faster on the tennis court has a tough time beating the MINI ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE MOTORCYCLE. You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John tie after the first two rounds and need to do a tiebreaker to figure out who will win the Sharer Fam $10000 Dollar CHALLENGE AND WIN ALL OF THE CHALLENGE MONEY to get the MOST CHALLENGE POINTS WINS. Lastly Stephen and John do a TEST to figure out who can JUMP THE HIGHEST WINS $10000. You won’t believe what happens next when John tries to jump the dirt bike and…!!

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