FASTEST UNDERWATER DRONE WINS $10,000!! (Waterproof Spy Gadget Training to Catch Mystery Neighbor)

Who will Win $10000 Challenge??

In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œFOUND MYSTERY NEIGHBOR SLEDDING in BACKYARD SKI SLOPE at 3AM!! (Evil Twin Spotted)” you saw Stephen and best friend John did an epic TRANSFORMING OUR BACKYARD INTO a REAL LIFE SKI SLOPE!! (Fastest Sled Wins $10,000 Challenge) and transformed their Los Angeles backyard into a WINTER WONDERLAND with Real Snow! Then Steven Sharer and John look outside at 3am and find that the Mystery Neighbor is SLEDDING in their back yard on an inflatable snow mobile! Then they found the mystery neighbor has a twin and it could be an evil twin like Rebecca Zamolo RZ twin. Not knowing what is next, Stephen called his sister Grace Sharer to come back to the family house so they could unbox some of the mystery boxes. Not knowing if the boxes filled with challenges were from the mystery neighbor or a secret agent, Steven Grace and John unboxed the next 10000 challenge box . This time this box had $10000 cash and inside were waterproof spy machines! These waterproof spy machine gadgets were like the jet ski used in β€œFOUND Mystery Pond Monster Creature Hide & Seek Spot with Waterproof Spy Machines!!” But these spy gadgets are waterproof and go many feet into the water and go very fast. This $10000 challenge Fastest Underwater Scooter wins 10000 dollars will involve the Sharer Family and best friend John and whoever can get from one side of the backyard to the next with the most challenge points will win all $10000 and the ultimate sharer fam challenge!!


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FOUND Mystery Pond Monster Creature Hide & Seek Spot with Waterproof Spy Machines!!

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