Propain is ready to release a new and improved sixth version of their Rage CF downhill bike. It has been under development for over two years and has been ridden and tested with the Propain Factory Racing team for over a year. We’ve seen it before, but now the new bike is ready for release. It’s got more travel, greater adjustability and less weight, but the most noticeable change is the shock has been moved from behind to in front of the seat tube.

The new bike is adaptable to fit either a 27.5″ or 29″ rear wheel, using a flip chip to accommodate the change in wheel size without affecting the geometry, along with a 29″ front wheel. There’s no longer a full 27.5″ model. The chainstay length can also be adjusted to suit different riding styles or tracks from 445mm or 460mm (the old bike was 459mm only), with a two-position dropout.
Another important change is the sizing. Previously, you could have a Large or XL Rage in 29″; or a Medium, Large or XL in 27.5″, all of which could be modified with a +/-10mm reach-adjust headset. Now there are just three sizes (M, L or XL), all of which use a 29″ front wheel and either rear wheel size. These have 440, 465 and 495mm reach measurements, respectively. That makes it slightly longer per size than the outgoing bike even in its longest reach setting. The reach-adjust headset is gone, but the frame is compatible with third-party adjustable headsets.

The geometry in the 29″ configuration. With a 27.5″ rear wheel, the only change is the BB offset (drop) is 3mm.

The frame sticks with Propain’s PRO10 suspension system, which employs two counter-rotating links that compress the shock from both ends. This delivers a generous 215mm of rear wheel travel (the old bike had 210mm in 27.5″ and 200mm in 29″). The leverage ratio drops by 38% through the stroke, making it quite progressive.
The bike uses what Propain call Blend Carbon, which they say offers a better balance of strength, stiffness and weight. Claimed weight for a size large frame is 3.7Kg and 16.9Kg for a top-spec size large bike.The internal cable routing now runs through internal channels to ease the replacement of cables in the pits and keep them from rattling on the track. The frame also features stainless steel bearings, bolt-on frame protection, a threaded bottom bracket and a 5 year warranty with a crash replacement scheme.

The Rage CF costs from 3,999 EUR for the “Start” option, which can be upgraded in Propain’s online configurator. There’s also the Performance and High-end models to choose from.

The new Rage CF can be ordered online from today.


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