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Last vlog Stephen Sharer posted “SURPRISING My Sister Grace Sharer With Her Dream Car!! (BRAND NEW LAMBORGHINI)” and Grace Sharer loved the Lamborghini surprise. And today the Sharer family sis vs bro siblings heading to a super epic hot wheels event. At this family friendly hot wheels toy event Stephen and Grace went into the apple store not to buy the new iPhone X but to get some Hot Wheels Car Toys. After the Sharers got some new toys they headed to the Tesla dealer to check out the Tesla Model X like Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint bought when “FOUND $100,000 ABANDONED TESLA (Treasure Hunt Adventure Challenge)” but this time Tesla has a new model called the Tesla Roadster that they are making into a super rare hot wheels. But when Stephen was looking at the Brand New Rare Hot Wheels Car he saw mini Jake Paul. Thats right Sharers this wasn’t Jake Paul, Logan Pauls brother, this was Mini Jake Paul also known as Tydus. Tydus from Jake Paul Team 10 is a super epic Sharer as well and today he just released his new song “TYDUS – ICE CREAM (Official Music Video)” which is super family friendly and epic and now Stephen is going to Race Mini Jake Paul in an epic Hot Wheels Track Battle Royale. This was an epic track builder battle Royale and Tides won with his epic Hot Wheels Car! But Sharers what #HotWheels car do you think is the most epic and super special thank you for #MiniJakePaul aka #Tydus and his family Trav and Cor for helping out in todays video!!

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