GAME MASTER Chasing TOP SECRET Evidence Inside Mystery Container! (Clues Revealed)

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After Stephen Sharer revealed the GAME MASTER MYSTERY CONTAINER FOUND STUCK IN SHARER FAMILY BACKYARD POND!! And Grace Sharer helped bring the bucket into the Sharer Family House away from the PZ member or Game Master. Stephen woke up the next day and saw the mystery container was missing! He put on Share The Love merch and headed down the backyard with his sister Grace. They picked up the container with a clue inside and then all the sudden the Game Master appeared out of no where, steals the container and runs off with the evidence in his hands! Not knowing if this is the Game Master or Project Zorgo member after camera evidence. Stephen and his sister Grace run into the Sharer Family house and try to decode the container and open it up to see what clues and riddles might be inside. Grabbing gadgets and devices, Steven tries to get this container open and finally decodes the spy network lock that is on it and opens the container and reveal whats inside the Game Master container! Inside is a bunch fish food and a new Rebecca Zamolo Game Master member mask. With an address on it that points to Matt and Rebecca, the Sharers pack their backs and get ready to head to los Angeles California to go meet Rebecca Zamolo and stop the Game Master!! And as always, Stephen Sharer video vlogs are all family friendly content and PG entertainment you can share with your family fun in 2019!

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