Hacker Traps Rebecca in Tunnel System! (Funny 24 Hour Song Challenge Music Video at Home)

The hacker quadrant found in tunnel system traps Rebecca during official music video for social distancing!

After Rebecca Zamolo competed in “Rebecca Zamolo Official Bored at Home Music Video! (Funny 24 Hour Song Challenge after Face Reveal)”, Matt and Rebecca then created “We Trapped the Hacker In Our House! (Face Reveal Using Diy Traps) Best Scary Challenge,” right after that The Real Game Master uploaded “We Found A Secret Hidden Tunnel System in Matt and Rebecca’s New House! (New Evidence Reveal Clues),” and finally Game Master Incorporated made “Best Friend Lie Detector Test on Real Brother Agent S! (Memory Loss Reveal Secret Information),” but first Zoe calls to say that the last piece of the device is in the tunnel system “air vents.” She might be lying because Daniel said she was at the lake of secrets. When we confronted her Zoe lied. Is she a liar? During this 24 hour song challenge you will see a battle royale, and someone spying on us. Rebecca needs the last mystery device to unlock the tunnel. Will we open it in time? Who will win this challenge? Matt and Rebecca will need to decide. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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