Home Alone Prank on Sister Grace Sharer!! Stephen Sharer plans an epic prank on sister Grace Sharer at the New Sharer Fam house in LA and thanks to Moose Toys for sponsoring this video and helping create it, #ad because without the help of the spy gadget robot called the Turbo Bot, Steven would not have been able to successfully spy on Grace Sharer while she was at home hanging out talking to momma Sharer on her brand new iPhone 11 Plus. As you saw in Stephen Sharer’s last video SEARCHING at 3AM FOR MYSTERY NEIGHBOR SPY!! (Secret Safe House Entrance Found) you saw Grace, Stephen and John did a 3am challenge to spy on their mystery neighbor so Grace is still thinking the mystery neighbor is spying on her house. Now that Stephen and Best Friend John said they were heading out to go shopping for toys, Grace is wondering if the hello neighbor may show up. Sneaking around the back ally to the backyard Stephen uses the spy gadget robot to listen on Grace and then sneak into the backdoor to prank Grace. While she was outside, Stephen and John played hide and seek from sister and she did not find Stephen or John hiding but Stephen did see grace Steal Money from the House Safe and stole about $10,000 without Stephen knowing. Once Stephen saw Grace Sharer steal $10,000 Cash from his safe, he knew it was time to carry out the best Prank on sister!! Get ready, Steven and John are pulling a #prank on sister #GraceSharer and she is about to get very surprised!! What will the best friends discover during this epic prank?!
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