How the Xbox Family Settings App Works

Easily manage your children’s gaming activities on Xbox consoles, and enjoy more peace of mind with the free Xbox Family Settings app on iOS or Android.

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Quickly get into the fun
Easily setup console gaming options that are right for your family. Add your children to your family account in the app and quickly customize settings with the phone you already use.

Friends & online interactions
With the Xbox Family Settings app, you can easily manage approvals of your child’s friends while they play on Xbox.
•Manage Friends: See each friend your child is following, allow them to ‘Ask a parent’ to add a friend, or you can remove friends who your child is following.
•Voice and text chat: Choose to allow communication by voice or text chat.
•Multiplayer: Decide to allow online multiplayer gaming with other people who play on Xbox consoles or PC, or even other gaming networks outside of Xbox. Allow an exception for Minecraft, even if your child does not have permission for online multiplayer with other games.

Screen time limits
Create screen time schedules for each child. Customize each day of the week with different time ranges by promoting healthy gaming choices, and what best fits your schedule.

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