JOSEPH BANKS is with PROJECT ZORGO? Searching for Abandoned Minerals & Crystal for Tesla

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After Vy Qwaint made MYSTERY MAN FACE REVEAL (Mixing Minerals for Tesla & Searching How To Find Project Zorgo in 2019), Daniel uploaded STOP PROJECT ZORGO Takeover of MYSTERY BOX for Abandoned Tesla (Searching for Mysterious Caller), and I, Chad Wild Clay created HACKER BATTLES ME on Scavenger Hunt Searching Minerals (Project Zorgo Battle Royale in Real Life), the character on the phone revealed to us that we needed to dig, exposing abandoned minerals underground. It’s like a $10000 ebay mystery box challenge. We explored the area, searching for things to uncover. We crawled through a tunnel to look for evidence. The mystery man turned out to be famous scientist Joseph Banks, the inventor of mixture B235, the hypnotizing mind control green liquid. He admitted to stealing the Tesla Model X but he promises he will give it an extreme makeover and return it. He keeps sending us on weird 24 hour overnight challenges, sometimes at 3 am. This time, it feels as though he is a hacker, setting ninja traps and spying on us. Is he trying to lure me into a ninja battle royale! He is now WANTED by the CWC spy ninja crew! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2019!

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