LAST TO FALL OFF MECHANICAL BULL WINS $10,000!! (New Mystery Neighbor Friend Reveal)

Who Will Win $10000 Challenge?! Last to Fall!!

In Stephen sharer last vlog β€œFASTEST UNDERWATER DRONE WINS $10,000!! (Waterproof Spy Gadget Training to Catch Mystery Neighbor)” you saw Steven Sharer and his almost twin sister Grace Sharer did an epic FASTEST UNDERWATER SPY MACHINE WINS $10000 Challenge in their Los Angeles backyard pool with their best friend John. Today Stephen Share opened another Mystery Box Challenge and transformed their backyard into a DIY LAST TO FALL OFF inflatable arena. Similar to Lizzy Capri β€œMECHANICAL BULL CHALLENGE!! (10 SECONDS WIN $100 DOLLARS)” and Carter Sharer β€œLAST TO STOP RIDING WINS $10,000” does training to become the WORLDS BEST Mechanical Bull rider by being the LAST TO STOP RIDING the inflatable backyard bull. Then Steven Sharer goes outside and sees John controlling the inflatable bull with the Control Center Panel. While learning how to ride the inflatable bull for the first time, Stephen and BFF John hear a noise at their backyard secret entrance. Thinking it could be the Mystery Neighbor from GRACE SHARER β€œGoing Undercover as Secret Agents to Collect Mystery Neighbor Evidence (Face Revealed)” spying on them, they search and discover that it is their new friend Parker! They won’t believe what happens next when Parker comes to the new Sharer Fam house and helps them begin Spy Gadget training to learn how to ride the bull because Parker is the worlds fastest rideable spy gadget champion. New Friend Parker begins riding the bull while Best Friend John controls it using the Gadget Switches and Steve Sharer searches for how the become the WORLDS GREATEST Mechanical Bull rider. Stephen, best friend John, and new friend Parker all challenge to see who will win the $10000 Cash Prize from the 10000 dollars mystery box challenge. Who ever is LAST TO LEAVE the DIY inflatable spy gadget training machine and gets the most challenge points will win all $10000 and the ultimate sharer fam challenge!!


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