LAST TO LEAVE the GIANT SNOW GLOBE Wins $10,000! (Trapped for 24 Hours with Game Master Inc)

Matt is tricked into a last to leave challenge inside a giant snow globe bounce house.

After Rebecca Zamolo was in GIANT SNOW GLOBE PRANK ON BEST FRIEND CRUSH! (24 Hour Challenge on Roof), Matt along with two other agents take off their blindfolds. They realize it was a trap and now have to compete in challenges to see who can last the longest. The first challenge is don’t choose the wrong drink. That is when Rebecca’s cousin joins because she is a broke college student. Agent R drinks all of his drink and it was another prank because it is full of milk. Just like on his first date with his crush he now is farting again. Next is the finish the lyrics challenge were they make up new lyrics to famous Christmas songs. Finally they have the heat challenge and Rebecca along with her best friend Alice join them. Alice has such a good time she remembers her name. Is this finally a name reveal? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!

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