Lengthy-standing Spelunky speedrun file revealed as fraudulent – Rock Paper Shotgun

Lengthy-standing Spelunky speedrun file revealed as fraudulent – Rock Paper Shotgun

In 2012, a participant named BarryMode accomplished Spelunky Traditional in two minutes and 30 seconds. Since then, this time has stood because the world file, and no different speedrunner has come shut. Now, BarryMode’s speedrun has been revealed as fraudulent.

In a report on Vice, BarryMode apologised “for that deception”. The speedrun has since been faraway from his YouTube channel.

YouTube creator XanaGear explains how the deception was found within the video under:

In short, BarryMode seems to have used a mod for Spelunky which lets you repeatedly play the identical ranges over and over. Usually Spelunky worlds are randomly generated after each demise, and coping with that unpredictability is a part of the problem for speedrunners of the collection. Having the ability to replay a stage permits you to plot the shortest route to every exit and to extra simply keep away from traps and enemies.

The deception was detected partly due to a single block that appeared lacking from one of many between-level rating screens, which aren’t ranges that usually change. The block is an object added by way of the mod.

Consequently, the actual world file holder for a lot of the previous eight years ought to have been speedrunner ExplodingCabbage, who posted a two minute and 53 second Spelunky speedrun in July 2010. Final month, one other speedrunner referred to as Groomp beat that point and is now the present world file holder, with a time of two minutes and 40 seconds.

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