Stephen is Lost for 24 Hour Hour While Grace Sharer Spotted the Mystery Monster in Pond!!


In last vlog β€œ24 Hour Overnight Camping Challenge Cancelled at 3am!! (Mystery Monster Spotted in Our Backyard)” Stephen Sharer and his sister Grace Sharer decided it was time to head home from their vacation holiday because the mystery monster scared them. So Stephen and Grace booked an airplane flight home but on the trip back, Steven got lost for over 24hours in the middle of the dessert. So while Stephen was waiting he called Child Wild Clay on his iPhone but CWC did not answer the FaceTime call. So Stephen drove a lime green Lamborghini Aventador which looked like the Sharerghini for 24hr while he was stranded. So just like Morgz Β Last To Leave Desert Island Wins $10,000 Stephen was the Last to Leave an Abandoned town but then the airplane was back on schedule and Stephen returned home to the Sharer Family house only to find that Grace was searching for the mystery pond monster all day and trying to catch it before it went back to its hide and seek spot. In order to try to get this mystery monster out of the backyard pond and way from any future camp site, Stephen grabbed a nest and they went exploring for the hide and seek spot but so far, no luck! Remember the Sharer Fam giant Slip N Slide Waterpark Party video goes live on July 7 so set your alarms! We need to get this #pondmonster out and maybe even try to stop this #GameMaster person if that is who is behind it!!

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