My YouTube Account is Hacked! Spy Ninjas Compete in Girls vs Boys DIY Challenges to Stop Hacker Vlog

A Hacker Deleted my YouTube Video!


After Chad Wild Clay made the video “REGINA FALLS DOWN HATCH! Spending 24 Hours Spying on Mr. E to Reveal Project Zorgo Hacker Secrets!”, Vy Qwaint created “LAST TO SURVIVE DIY BUILD YOUR OWN FORT CHALLENGE! Spending 24 Hours Testing Pranks on Friends!”, and Daniel uploaded “DIY Fastest Car Built from Junk Wins Challenge! Boys vs Girls Battle Royale 2 Reveals Hacker Secrets” to the Exposing Project Zorgo YouTube channel, Vy went undercover as Joseph Banks the scientist in disguise. But then Vy got trapped in the headquarters black pyramid basement. Vy had to escape! When she arrived back to the safe house, she passed along the message that Joseph Banks is not evil! He is a best friend of the Spy Ninjas! Chad watched the latest hacker YouTube video. The leader is going to delete Chad’s video “Deadpool vs Batman” featuring his best friend Justin if the Spy Ninjas fail to retrieve the 3rd missing mysterious person in the picture we found! The SPY NINJAS compete in series of challenges to determine how to stop Project Zorgo and protect Chad’s YouTube channel. Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2020!

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