Stephen Sharer last vlog “SPYING ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR for 24 HOURS in UNDERCOVER TESLA!!” you saw the Sharer Fam did an Undercover Spy Mission for 24hours on Mystery Neighbor for 24 Hour Challenge in their Tesla Truck. During this Spy Mission, the Sharers discovered some top secret evidence that could bring them important clues about what this mystery neighbor is up to! In today’s video, the Sharers are uploading the TOP SECRET new camera footage to their laptop to find out what the mystery neighbor spy has been filming on her security camera. The Sharers are back with a secret plan to spy on the neighbor and play a HOME ALONE prank on the Mystery Neighbor! Stephen sets up a GoPro inside the Tesla to spy on the neighbour as she heads toward the Sharer Fam House and see if she falls for their MASTER PLAN to get a FACE REVEAL and to get her motives for spying on the Sharer Family Grace Sharer, Stephen Sharer, Best Friend John. Meanwhile, best friend John and Grace Sharer are playing a game of Hide and Seek hiding as the Mystery Neighbor WALKS INSIDE the Sharer’s LA house and starts exploring with a camera AND a mysterious teddy bear. Tracking device Grace Sharer even notice the undercover agent neighbor tried to get into the attic of the house! Comment below if you see the Mystery Neighbor’s face reveal or have any clues that could help the Sharer Fam figure out what she is up to!

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