In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œβ€ you saw Stephen Sharer and his best friend and almost TWIN BROTHER John were on a mission to get back to Los Angeles Sharer Fam House in order to make sure there are no Hacker Signals around so they can call Grace Sharer and tell her the 3 Digit code they found while Off Roading in the Middle of Nowhere in Phoenix Arizona. Stephen and John are on the private jet again in order to get back to Los Angeles as fast as possible and discovered that there is a phone that is connected to the planes navigation gadgets. This is a top secret Satellite phone but unfortunately it is too old to be able to call Grace from, and because Stephen and John can’t tell where its plugged in, someone could have hacked into the phone lines and could be listening to their conversations, so they don’t want to reveal the passcode to the wrong person like the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER KAREN AND ELLEN or the Pink and Green Masked Person who looks like the Rebecca Zamolo Game Master RZ Twin. When they land there is a spy car waiting for them with a SPY in a BLACK SUIT that will take them to the SHARER FAM HOUSE and ensure that on the way home no one will be able to access the signal and steal the code. Luckily Stephen and John make it home safely but they have no time to spare, they must make sure everything looks safe in the house and then call Grace Sharer in order to give her the passcode. When they get back, they see that the rideable electric race motorcycle is left outside and someone ordered a salad using UBER, this must mean someone is home! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John try to give Grace the TOP SECRET GADGET CODE but someone is SPYING on them about to do a MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER KAREN AND ELLEN PRANK on Stephen Sharer! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen and John must decide what to do next after TRAPPING the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER ELLEN inside the SHARER FAM HOUSE for 24 HOURS. After coming back from the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR STRANDED ON ABANDONED ISLAND because she did not find the TOP SECRET TIME MACHINE SPY GADGET, Ellen is now on a mission to do a LIE DETECTOR TEST to interview Stephen and John to figure out why they sent her to the TOP SECRET HIDDEN ISLAND. When Stephen and John open the closet they LOCKED with a BRAND NEW iPHONE CORD, they see that there is no MYSTERY NEIGHBOR INSIDE!? WHERE COULD SHE HAVE GONE? Eager to figure out where she escaped to, Stephen and John work together to search the entire house to make sure she could not be hiding somewhere they hid in HIDE AND SEEK CHALLENGE. The Mystery Neighbor notices that Stephen and John are looking for her and creates a MASTERMIND ESCAPE PLAN to PLAY HIDE AND SEEK to ESCAPE DETECTION by Stephen and John. After not seeing any signs of how she could have escaped, Stephen and John check each hiding place carefully but keep hearing noises that sound like someone else is inside the SHARER FAM HOUSE. As they are about to head outside, Stephen hears a noise coming from another room, once they go to discover what it is, they see that there is no one in there but there are evidence clues such as things being moved that indicate someone had been there. Using this new INTEL, Stephen and John continue searching the rest of the house including the backyard. Their next idea is that she may be hiding somewhere outside, maybe she is doing a ROOFTOP HIDE AND SEEK CHALLENGE? But when John and Stephen check the roof, including the hiding spots, there are no signs of anyone up there. After searching each hiding place, they hear noise coming from another room again and this time when they check, all of the blankets have been moved around. Did the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR ACCOMPLISH HER MISSION of escaping without leaving any EVIDENCE OR CLUES behind? Now that they know someone else is inside, they must search high and low to discover where they are hiding. You won’t believe what happens next when the front door starts to open…


Lucas and Marcus Last To Leave SCARY LOBSTERS Wins $10,000!

SSundee 21 STAGE Slide for our LOOT (Fortnite)

Matt and Rebecca REBECCA’S phone is HACKED! (Spending 24 hours Spying on Best Friend GAME MASTER Spy Training Reveal)

Vy Qwaint HACKER LEAVES PROJECT ZORGO! Vy is Friends with PZ Funf after Testing Viral TikTok Challenges

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