Stuck in Hidden Escape Room
Who will get to do a Mystery Neighbor Face Reveal??

In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œCAUGHT MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER FACE REVEAL!! (Sharer Fam Break In Mission Failed)” you saw Stephen Sharer and his almost twin sister Grace Sharer and their best friend John spotted the mystery neighbor twins hiding right in front of the Sharer Fam House searching for clues! He ran to tell his almost twin sister Grace and his best friend John that he saw the Mystery Neighbor twins spotted. It appeared that the sisters are trying to BREAKS INTO SHARER FAM HOUSE!! And One mystery neighbor twin ran around to the backyard alley and tried to BREAK INTO THE SHARER FAM HOUSE though the top secret entrance. While the Mystery Neighbor Twin was using her top secret spy gadgets and ninja gadgets to gain access to the central control panel, Stephen and Grace and John went to go lie detector question the other mystery neighbor twin to get the real truth behind this Sharer Fam mystery. You won’t believe what happens next when the Sharerfam realizes that it is Miss Karen from the original Sharer Fam House! Stephen and the Sharerfam question the twin similar to the RZ TWIN to see if they can get any more secrets about the twin or the twins haunted house that they live in for 24 HOURS! Stephen must figure out what these TOP SECRET AGENTS are doing in the backyard. Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen Grace and John are searching around their Los Angeles Sharer Fam Safe House when the Mystery Neighbor Twin comes down from the Attic after looking for the Top Secret Homemade Time Machine Gadget. The mystery neighbor tries using her new technology computer to find the Time Machine Spy Gadget similar to GRACE SHARER β€œFOUND TIME MACHINE GADGET hidden SHARER FAM HOUSE ESCAPE ROOM (Mystery Neighbor Twins FACE SPOTTED)” and Vy Qwaint β€œVY & CHAD UNDERCOVER in DISGUISE as BLUE MAN GROUP TO TRICK PROJECT ZORGO (Music Battle Royale)”. In order to block the mystery neighbor twin from revealing the location of the brand new spy gadget, Stephen and the Share Fam use NEW TECH such as Brand New Air Pods Apple Air Pod Pro as well as New Apple tech haul MacBook Pros and iPhone 12 rumors to communicate the secret agents mystery. The Sharer Fam uses their Laser Maze spy gadget similar to Project Zorgo Exposing β€œJOSEPH BANKS *UNMASKED* by CHAD WILD CLAY & VY QWAINT 😱 HE BETRAYED US (PROJECT ZORGO SPY NINJA PZ)” to protect their HOMEMADE SHARERFAM SAFE HOUSE against any hackers that may be trying to break in and STEAL TOP SECRET EVIDENCE CLUES!


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