Pond Monster Caught with Lamborghini Keys!! (Sharerghini missing)

Last Sharer Vlog you saw the Pond Monster stole Stephen Sharer Lamborghini Sharerghini. Now the Sharerghini is still missing as Stephen goes to search for the supercar but the pond monster found with the Lamborghini keys however the Sharerghini is still lost and missing!!

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▶︎ Inviting Mystery Neighbor Ellen To Sharer Family House for Extreme Sleepover!! (Interview Time) https://youtu.be/k0-lwW6y7RU
▶︎ Pond Monster Stole My Lamborghini Sharerghini!! (How to get it back?) https://youtu.be/WWZKBsDiYDM
▶︎ Sleepover with Grace Sharer to Spy on Stephen Sharer Lamborghini for 24 hours https://youtu.be/h5l9EjOMuU0
▶︎ Carter Sharer Who Can Eat The Most Gusher Wins!! https://youtu.be/klmdOU3HCAM
▶︎ More Stephen Sharer: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQdOBb866XKgFzKAzuy8pN-Bq1TWM4LQf

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