PROJECT ZORGO BOTTLES with NOTES vs NINJA & SPY Gadgets (Unboxing Haul Mysterious Riddles & Clues)

Help me solve the top secret clues in the bottles!
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After Chad Wild Clay made PROJECT ZORGO Took DANIEL in CAR at SAFE HOUSE (Unboxing Haul Mysterious Riddles & Clues Challenge) and Vy Qwaint created PROJECT ZORGO EXPERIMENT on VY QWAINT and CWC ARRESTED! (Zorgo Language), Vy gets chased down by the Project Zorgo hacker because he wants to frame her and CWC while taking the abandoned laboratory’s important mixture. Hopefully she can get away with her spy and ninja gadgets before 24 hours at 3am! Project Zorgo breaks into the safe house and puts a mind control DNA device on Vy Qwaint but it doesn’t work. Vy loses her memory temporarily and can’t remember anything that happened with Project Zorgo or Chad getting arrested or going missing. She watches the new Project Zorgo video and finds out that they changed the key to R and suddenly gets her memory back. She makes a wheel to decipher Project Zorgo’s secret language and figures out the PZ FRAMED CHAD! In this video VQ and CWC find abandoned mystery bottles in a car, like the Tesla Model X, and find secret hidden notes from Project Zorgo. In order to read the notes, Chad and Vy must break the bottles open by unboxing spy and ninja gadgets from a mystery box haul. We need you ninjas to help solve these puzzles and clues! Thank you for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for kids in 2018!

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