Psychonauts 2 might be an easy completion as developer Double Fine has revealed that the platformer will have an invincibility toggle that won’t disable some of the game’s achievements.

In a Twitter thread, Double Fine said that players could beat Psychonauts 2 using the invincibility mode, stressing that the game should be enjoyable for all, no matter their age or needs. “If you beat Psychonauts 2 with the invincibility toggle on, you still beat P2.

“All people should be able to enjoy games. All ages, all possible needs. It’s an ongoing and important process for our industry and a challenge we need to meet. End of the day? We want you to have fun, to laugh, to experience a story that affects you. On whatever terms you want.”

One Twitter user then asked if using the invincibility mode would disable some of Psychonauts 2’s achievements, to which Double Fine replied with an emphatic “nope!”

We don’t have the game’s list yet, so we can’t say for certain if it is an easy completion, but the inclusion of an invincibility mode that doesn’t disable achievements means that at least some of Psychonauts 2’s achievements will be pretty easy to unlock.

We should know more when we pick up the achievement list sometime before August 25th — the day Psychonauts 2 launches.

What do you make of Psychonauts 2’s invincibility mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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