Rangok Skies - Announce Trailer | PS4

War has started! Rangok Skies is a vertically scrolling arcade shooter inspired by the genre classics, such as DoDonPachi, Gunbird, and Strikers 1945. Highly replayable with 4 different characters, each with their own unique ship, weapons, and bombs. Includes 2-player local co-op.

Key features
• Choose your pilot: Four different characters, each with their own unique ship, weapons, bombs, and story endings
• Solo Mode: Start with three lives and three continue credits, and try to beat the game!
• Online rankings: Which leaderboard you’re ranked on – Terminators, Masters, Heroes, or Babies – is determined by lives lost, continues used, and score
• Auto-Shoot Accuracy: Hold down fire to slow your ship and enable more precise movements
Special Weapons: For targeted mass destruction of most enemies and bullets
• Mega Bombs: Inflict screen-clearing devastation, perfect for tight situations
• Collect mini-items and rewards: Increase firepower, charge the Mega Bomb meter, boost your score
• Five intense stages: Each with their own enemies and huge end-of-level boss
• Local Co-op Mode: Play with a friend and defeat Lord Rangok together
• TATE Mode (縦): Supports turning your monitor vertically for the full arcade experience
• 60 FPS
• Plays in full screen
• Controller and customizable keyboard support

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