Rich Date Vs Broke Date Challenge with New Imposter Crush! Matt and Rebecca

First, Rebecca Zamolo created Giant Among Us But We’re Pregnant in Real Life with Royalty Family! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded We Surprised Maddie’s Crush and Opened a McDonald’s in Our House! The Game Master Network tried among US but everyone is SUS to find the imposter. Now in order to get the missing and or stolen incredigem back from the Halloween hacker we must trade. Part of the trade is a new challenge where we are either broke or rich. The Hacker is using this as an opportunity to take his new crush Maddie on a rich date. Matt is on a budget. First is the fastest wins and Matt goes against his nemesis on a scooter vs a brand new tesla. Next is school work rich vs broke. This means no computers or technology for 24 hours challenge. Finally they just go on a rich vs broke date. Matt only has a budget of $5.00. Do you think he should go to the 99 cent store only? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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