Rocket Arena - Runaway Megadon Event Trailer

New outfits, playlists, and collectibles arrive with the Runaway Megadon Event, September 9 to 22!

All aboard for the next stop on the Rocket Championship Tour!

Boomer the Megadon’s bones didn’t make the journey to Kayo Kanyon. What happened? Take a trip to the Wilds and start searching for clues. Test yourself in new event playlists, and play new game modes like Megamuzzle and Splat, and do it alone in Duel. Explore the rocky cliffs of Megadon Junction, dig into the rustic excavation site Stompy’s Refuge, and traverse the treacherous tar pits of the new Kayo Kanyon. Collect up to eight special Rocket Rail Delivery login rewards throughout the event. Then head to the store and outfit yourself for adventure with outfits like Archaeologist Amphora, Megadon Tracker Izell and the not-so-cleverly disguised Zoone & Bik! Next stop: The Wilds!

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