SOMONE LOCKED ME OUT of MY HOUSE!! (Secret Note Revealed)

In Stephen Sharer last vlog you saw that Stephen and Best Friend Twin John were on a mission to turn on the MAIN POWER SUPPLY at the SHARER FAM HOUSE using their TOP SECRET CENTRAL CONTROL PANEL GADGET SWITCHES and their SPY NINJA GADGETS. Because of this, it gets too hot inside and Stephen and John must do a 24 HOUR DIY BACKYARD CAMPING MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE for $10000 in order to survival the night at 3AM. After setting up their Homemade DIY Camping Supplies, they explore a secret entrance into a TOP SECRET ESCAPE ROOM INSIDE SHARER FAM HOUSE BACKYARD! Once there, they use a TOP SECRET MYSTERY SPY NINJA GADGET VOICE DISGUISE like CHAD WILD CLAY to talk with the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWINS SISTER ELLEN AND KAREN and REVEAL their ULTIMATE MASTERMIND SECRET PLAN! Today in Stephen Sharer newest video Stephen Share and John Sharer are on a mission to finally gain access to their own house after being LOCKED OUT OF OWN HOUSE FOR 24 HOURS CHALLENGE. At first Stephen has just gotten back to the Los Angeles Sharer Fam House and is trying to go through the main entrance front door to get into the house. Stephen realizes that the MAIN LOCK has Blocked Stephen Sharer from entering his own house so he calls his best friend and almost twin brother John to help him. Stephen and John use DIY and HomeMade Life Hacks to get into their house such as jumping on their trampoline to try to access the upper floor where there are unlocked doors. You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John see who locked them out of their own house for 24 hours!


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