Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition - Launch Trailer | PS4

Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition, is OUT NOW on PlayStation 5!

Awaken the slumbering spirit of the north and begin a quiet journey of companionship and discovery. Play as an ordinary red fox or as one of the new PlayStation 5 exclusive skins, Black Marble & Champagne, as your story becomes entwined with The Guardian of the Northern Lights, a magical spirit fox.

Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition Key Features:
– Explore the world with 2 new and platform-exclusive skins – Black Marble and Champagne.
– Fall into complete immersion as you make your way across stunning 4k landscapes, complete with remastered textures, lighting and objects, complete in 60FPS.
– Solve environmental puzzles to change the world around you, using ancient powers bestowed upon you by The Guardian of the Northern Lights.
– Follow the mysterious Spirit Fox across a land left in ruin as you discover more about a lost civilization.
– Moving orchestral soundtrack featuring 14 original compositions.

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