Stephen Sharer and true teammate Brother John use a spy van to deliver top secret mystery pond monster evidence back to the Sharer Fam house for processing reveal!

Last vlog “Found New Pond Monster Evidence Clues in Top Secret Laboratory!!” Stephen Sharer and twin like Brother John Sharer explore top secret laboratory to find pond monster evidence which they found hiding inside a book novel. Taking that reading book for children to the shore Stephen and John search for evince of a New Pond Monster and while at the beach, Steven discovered a mystery creature laying on the shore. Not knowing what it is, John went to go get a spy van so they could safely transport the water sample evidence back to the Sharer Family house. Once arriving back at Sharer Fam house Steven noticed a giant hole in the backyard. This is the same whole from Grace Sharer “Pond Monster Twins Destroy the Sharer Family House!! (Giant Hole In Backyard Found)” but Stephen and John teamed up like Sharer Brothers and explore the giant hole only to find more evidence that the pond monster is back and stronger than ever. So Stephen ran back into the Share Fam house to get sister Grace Sharer and get to the Botton of this #PondMonster mystery creature #adventure all together.

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