SPYING on CREEPY NEIGHBOR for 24 HOURS!! (Mystery Box Intercepted)

SPYING on CREEPY NEIGHBOR for 24 HOURS!! (Mystery Box Intercepted)

Stephen Sharer Intercepts Mail Mystery Package and Reveals Event Date from Creepy Neighbor Mystery Box!!

In Stephen Sharer last video UNDERCOVER SPY MACHINE MISSION SEARCHING for STOLEN $1MILLION DOLLARS!! you saw the Sharer Fam explore top secret evidence with their creepy neighbor Ms. Karen! The Sharers rode their motorcycle SPY BIKE Machines into the woods here they discovered new CLUES about the mystery person who is trying to DESTROY the Sharer Fam House! In today’s vlog, the Sharer Fam is piecing together the evidence clues to help them uncover the secret meaning. They realize there is a 3pm MAIL DROP to they gather their spy gadgets (like binoculars and listening device on new iphone11), so Stephen, Grace Sharer and John hop in the Share the Love Bug to go spy at the Post Office.  They see a suspicious Tesla but they’re not sure who could be doing this top secret delivery. Luckily, they also spot Miss Karen driving by to the grocery store next store and they follow her to get help! The Sharers didn’t have much luck getting Karen’s attention because she was busy grocery shopping, but they did make it back to the UPS store in time for the 3pm delivery mail drop. A very suspicious UPS post office worker holding a package approaches and delivers a box outside. When the Sharers grab the package, they pick it up and go on a HIGH SPEED CHASE where they run away from the worker who is trying to take the box back. When they open the box, they discover $10,000 CASH is hidden inside along with a TOP SECRET blueprint. What could all of this evidence mean?! Comment down if you have any ideas because the Sharer Fam needs all the help they can get!

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