Stephen Sharer and Twin Best Friend Search for Top Secret Spy Gadgets to use to Stop Mystery Neighbor!!

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In Stephen Sharer last vlog “UNDERCOVER as TWIN BROTHERS for 24 HOURS to PRANK MYSTERY NEIGHBOR!!!” You saw Stephen Sharer and his best friend and TWIN John were on another TWIN SWAP MISSION to finally PRANK THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR undercover in disguise as TWINS for 24 HOURS. As the Sharers commented in last video, the next step to turning John into STEPHEN SHARER TWIN REVEAL is to shave Johns beard! The last step is to make sure STEPHEN AND JOHN look exactly alike by putting a secret concoction like Chad Wild Clay “DANIEL’S DOG FOUND ON ROLLER COASTER CLUE -Spending 24 Hours as a Detective Finding New York Clues” into their hair to do the signature Stephen Sharer hairstyle. Now that they look exactly alike, they must wear the same SHARE THE LOVE MERCH SHIRT and shorts so that way they can finally do an epic PRANK ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR. The twin Stephens must split up like TWIN SWAP in order to prank the mystery neighbor. First Stephen goes outside to check to see if the mystery neighbor is near the Los Angeles Sharer Fam House. Once Mystery Neighbor Spotted, Stephen Sharer FOLLOWING THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR FOR 24 HOURS and discovers new EVIDENCE CLUES that the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR is heading to the Sharer Fam House BACKYARD! Once the Mystery Neighbor EVIL TWIN gets to the backyard, John looking like Stephen sharer spots the mystery neighbor going towards the SHARER FAM SECRET ENTRANCE! Using his BRAND NEW ELECTRIC DIRT BIKE RIDEABLE CHALLENGE, John looks out the LOCKED GATE and starts the mission to prank the mystery neighbor. As the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR BREAKING INTO SHARERFAM HOUSE through SECRET BACKYARD ENTRANCE Johns surprises her and chases her away, as she is escaping like ESCAPE ROOM from the back alley, Stephen and John switch places to prank her! Like Rebecca Zamolo RZ TWIN “BEST FIRST DATE WINS KISS in Real Life Challenge! (Secret meeting w/ ex Best Friend) Rebecca Zamolo” Stephen and John are 2020 YOUTUBE most IDENTICAL TWINS! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John INTERVIEW THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen Sharer and John are on a mission in Las Vegas near CHAD WILD CLAY SAFEHOUSE and inside PROJECT ZORGO PZ9 MELVIN HEADQUARTERS lay a BRAND NEW COLLECTION of SPY GADGETS. When they arrive in Las Vegas their first step is to travel using a PRIVATE JET PLANE to go to CES 2020 Consumer Electronics Show to test out some of the WORLD BIGGEST and best TOP SECRET SPY GADGETS to stop the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR from doing a MYSTERY NEIGHBOR PRANK ON STEPHEN SHARER and BREAKING INTO SHARER FAM HOUSE. Some of the newest gadgets they found were brand new version of VIRTUAL REALITY VR as well as Face ID DETECTION cameras. STEPHEN SHARER FAVORITE SPY GADGET was the TOP SECRET SPY GADGET QUADCOPTER DRONE that was fully ELECTRIC like TESLA CAR similar to CHAD WILD CLAY and VY QWAINT TESLA as seen in “I BREAK INTO TESLA TO RESCUE CHAD WILD CLAY from Project Zorgo YouTube Hacker”. The SECRET AGENT DRONE was also able to carry up to 4 people inside fully autonomously self driving mode like TESLA. Another one of the most NEW TECH HAUL gadgets was a HEAT SENSING TECHNOLOGY CAMERA which the Sharer Fam could use to detect the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS even if they were hiding behind a INVISIBLE WALL. You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John find the MOST EPIC GADGET THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN!


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