Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen and his best friend BFF and almost TWIN BROTHER John are doing a $10,000 DOLLAR MONEY PRIZE SHARER FAM CHALLENGE to TEST VIRAL FOOD TRENDS such as DONT CHOOSE THE WRONG DRINK SPICY FOOD EDITION. Stephen and John are testing the WORLDS HOTTEST FOODS and HOT SAUCES to see who is LAST TO LEAVE the SHARER FAM HOUSE BACKYARD while eating food similar to HOT ONES WINGS that contain WORLDS HOTTEST PEPPER such as GHOST PEPPER, HABANERO PEPPER, CALIFORNIA REAPER and more. Just like Life with Brothers and SIS VS BRO, Stephen and John are testing spicy hot sauces similar to the CRUDE BROTHERS hot sauces because they must prepare for anything that the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTERS ELLEN AND KAREN will PRANK STEPHEN SHARER with.

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In Stephen Sharer last vlog “WILL WE ESCAPE the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR HOUSE?! (Hiding inside)” you saw Stephen Share and John were on a TOP SECRET SPY MISSION to #ESCAPEROOM the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER ELLEN HOUSE after PRANKING THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR FOR 24 HOURS and doing TESTING Top 10 TIK TOK TREND PRANKS. In this video Stephen and John use their SPY NINJA TRAINING SKILLS to DEFEAT THE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR just like how CHAD WILD CLAY used his SPY NINJA GADGETS to defeat PROJECT ZORGO PZ9 MELVIN and REGINA and finally create a ESCAPE ROOM MASTERMIND PLAN. In Stephen Sharer newest video, Stephen and John must prepare a MASTERMIND PLAN incase the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR tries to prank them so they must do SPY NINJA TRAINING to be ready for any challenge they come across while DISCOVERING more EVIDENCE CLUES.


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