Although it hasn’t been formally announced, The Coalition seems to have started working on a new IP. That’s according to a now-deleted LinkedIn update from one of the studio’s employees.

As spotted by Twitter user Klobrille (via VGC), one of The Coalition’s multiplayer level designers shared that they’d been working as a “level designer on a new IP” for the last six months. The employee has now removed the update.

Back in May, The Coalition announced it had begun shifting resources to “next-gen development using Unreal Engine 5” for “multiple new projects in the coming years.” In the same blog post, the studio said it wasn’t ready to announce any new projects or titles “for some time.” Shortly after the announcement, The Coalition’s senior community manager had to debunk a rumour suggesting the developer was working on a new Star Wars game.

The Coalition will showcase a new Unreal Engine 5 tech demo at the Game Developers Conference later this week. The Alpha Point demo, running on Xbox Series X, will be presented by The Coalition’s technical art director Colin Penty and technical director Kate Rayner on July 20th.


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