Google is teasing out more of its Material You interface design for Wear OS and is also bringing a big upgrade to the app and watchface installation experience from your phone.

Watch owners are urged to look for new Wear OS and Watch Faces for Wear OS category pages on the Play Store and are encouraged to append the words “Watch” or “Watch faces” in searches to get compatible apps.

Users will be able to install an app for their selected Wear OS device right from the phone by hitting an overflow button on top of the Install button.

And here’s a look at the Play Store with the new Material You design language on Wear OS. In addition to the revised look, Google says it is redirecting URL and in-app purchase triggers to your phone.

These changes have already trickled their way to some devices, but expect them to come through to your phone and Wear OS 2.x devices in the next several weeks ahead of a big v3.0 reboot sometime this summer.