TOP SECRET MEETING in SPY AGENT PRIVATE JET!! (New Mystery Neighbor Mission Evidence Revealed)


In Stephen Sharer last vlog “SPY PLANE SUPPLY DROP found in BACKYARD POOL!! (New Mystery Neighbor Secret Agent Revealed)” you saw Stephen Sharer and his best friend and almost TWIN BROTHER John woke up to a loud BOOM like thunder and goes outside to check the SHARER FAM HOUSE BACKYARD, he can’t believe his eyes when he sees the BACKYARD POOL has started bubbling like a BUBBLE BATH! Surprised, Stephen goes to check out what happened to figure out what has caused all of this mess. Did John do an EPIC PRANK ON BEST FRIEND STEPHEN SHARER? When Stephen goes downstairs, he sees that John hasn’t even woken up yet, so what is causing all of these bubbles? Next, John wakes up after all of this commotion and is very confused as to why Stephen is running around the house and yelling. Together they go outside and see a helicopter and a blimp that could have dropped this MYSTERY SURPRISE PRANK DELIVERY. At the bottom of the pool they spot a mysterious object that appears to be creating all of the fog and bubbles. Both Stephen and John know that they need to get this object out from underwater like Carter Sharer “LAST TO LEAVE UNDERWATER HOUSE WINS $100,000” in the pool but they try using the pool cleaning net and it seems like the object is too heavy! Next they try searching the TINY BACKYARD HOUSE and try using some HOMEMADE DIY HOUSEHOLD PRODUCTS such as a broom and mop but even using these, they can’t seem to get the object at the bottom of the pool. Luckily the object that was creating to the fog has now floated to the surface and Stephen and John realize that someone has filled a MYSTERY WATER BOTTLE with TOP SECRET SPY AGENT GOO from a SCIENCE EXPERIMENT that has created all of this! Maybe the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER ELLEN who was STRANDED ON DESERTED ISLAND in HAWAII did a MYSTERY NEIGHBOR PRANK ON STEPHEN SHARER and BEST FRIEND because she couldn’t find the TIME MACHINE SPY GADGET! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John find a SECRET NOTE from an unknown MYSTERY PERSON with an EVENT DATE on it! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen and John are on a TOP SECRET SPY MISSION to board their PRIVATE JET PLANE. It all started when Stephen looked outside and saw that there was a SPY HIDING next to his blacked out Suburban SPY CAR wearing a black suit and Spy Sunglasses. Confused Stephen wakes up John and discovers that Johns voice sounds funny! Eager to figure out what this SPY is after, John goes to confront the SPY and INTERVIEW him to do a LIE DETECTOR TEST to figure out what he is doing and find his MASTER PLAN. When John confronts the Spy he figures out that the spy is questioning them to come to Van Nuys Airport where Chris the pilot who flew the MYSTERY SURPRISE PRANK DELIVERY MYSTERY BOX to the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER ELLEN who was STRANDED ON DESERTED ISLAND in the middle of no where. Stephen and John pack their bags and hop in the car with their TOP SECRET SPY GADGETS and John even brought his SECRET AGENT SPY DRONE DJI Mavic 2 Pro in case they need to gather ADVANCED INTELLIGENCE on who ever is asking them to come there. When they arrive to the airport they see that there is a private jet waiting for them and the Pilot is waving for them to hop on! They find a note saying that there are too many GADGET SWITCHES SIGNALS and that John and Stephen must get on the plane and will receive a call when they get to 10000 feet. Luckily they arrived in time but there is no time to spare as they take off as soon as they are on the plane and have closed the secret entrance gate. Once in the air, all Stephen and John have to do is wait till they get the call from the mystery person. You won’t believe what happens next when John falls asleep and a mystery person in a black suit and mask confronts Stephen to question him and prank him! After they arrive and Stephen tells John about what happened, they receive a BRAND NEW STEALTH SPY CAR to be able to get to the SAFE HOUSE and open up the MYSTERY BOX that Stephen got from the MASKED PERSON like GAME MASTER. Unfortunately the SPY CAR Dodge Viper is too small to fit their luggage and so they must call a UBER to transport their bags while they drive the SPY CAR to the SAFE HOUSE.


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Gloom Love Riddles to Test Mystery Logic
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