TRANSFORMING BEST FRIEND into TWIN BROTHER!! (Face Reveal to Prank Mystery Neighbor)

Stephen Sharer Transforms Best Friend John Into Mystery Twin Face Reveal!


In Stephen Sharer last vlog “MYSTERY NEIGHBOR SPOTTED FOLLOWING STEPHEN SHARER at AIRPORT!! (LA HOUSE DESTROYED)” you saw Stephen Sharer and Grace Sharer and their best friend John were split up on a mission to go undercover in disguise to prank the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER! After using Grace’s plan to split up, John and Stephen are on their way back to the Los Angeles Sharer Fam house and are pretending that they have the Secret Agent Time Machine Gadget with them except little does the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister Karen and Ellen know, Grace Sharer has the Time Machine Gadget with her back at home! While in the airport, the mystery neighbor is spying on Stephen and John without them even knowing. Similar to Chad Wild Clay “DANIEL’S DOG FOUND ON ROLLER COASTER CLUE -Spending 24 Hours as a Detective Finding New York Clues” Stephen and John are traveling across the country to try to stop the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister from doing a prank on Stephen Sharer and stealing the Stolen Time Machine Gadget back from the Share Fam. When the arrive the the Sharerfam House in LA, it is almost 3AM so Stephen and John must go to bed. They wake up the next morning and realize that the whole Sharer Fam house has been destroyed! Stephen goes down stairs before John is awake and look into the backyard and see that all of the furniture in the house has been changed! Inside the Sharer Fam house backyard there is even the WORLDS BIGGEST TRAMPOLINE CHALLENGE! Confused, Stephen goes to find John except he is surprised when John comes down from his bedroom and says that he didn’t do any of the changes! Did John do an epic prank on Stephen Sharer? Things get even crazier when Stephen and John see people right outside the backyard secret entrance, maybe they were the ones who set up this brand new BACKYARD OBSTACLE COURSE TRAMPOLINE PARK! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen and John see the Mystery Neighbor Twin Sister SLEEPING ON THE BACKYARD TRAMPOLINE! This is the perfect chance to do an EPIC PRANK ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR TWIN SISTER! Today in Stephen Sharer new vlog Stephen and John are on a TWIN SWAP mission to completely transform John into STEPHEN SHARER TWIN! Step 1 is to do an EPIC DYEING MY BEST FRIENDS HAIR PRANK and make Johns hair WHITE LIKE STEPHEN SHARER! This will be the most epic TWIN SWAP DRIVE THRU CHALLENGE ever! Like Rebecca Zamolo RZ Twin, now STEPHEN SHARER will have his own twin except this twin is not an EVIL TWIN. To do this, Stephen has a secret agent come over and mix secret chemicals to make a concoction like Chad Wild Clay “SPY NINJAS EXPERIMENT: COLA, FANTA, SPRITE, PEPSI and MENTOS UNDERGROUND! Elephant Toothpaste Foam”. Stephen and John must look like twins to do a PRANK ON MYSTERY NEIGHBOR to stop the mystery neighbor from following them and STEALING THE TOP SECRET TIME MACHINE GADGET! After putting the secret science mixture into Johns hair, the next step is for Stephen to do a DYEING BEST FRIEND HAIR PRANK on his best friend John. After color changing Johns hair, it turns BRIGHT YELLOW and looks like a hilarious DIY YELLOW SODA! Luckily there was one more step to put the purple hair toner in which then changes the hair color to its final BRIGHT WHITE SILVER shade like Stephen Sharer. Watch to see what happens next when Stephen and John finally do a BRAND NEW STEPHEN SHARER TWIN BROTHER FACE REVEAL!!


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