This video is sponsored by Electronic Arts. Click the link here to download PvZ: Battle for Neighborville on PC, Xbox, and PS4: #SponsoredByEA #PvZBfN In Stephen Sharer last vlog “WE STOLE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR VLOG CAMERA!! (Tracking Device Prank to Reveal True Identity)” you saw Stephen Sharer and best friend John PRANK the mystery neighbor into thinking nobody’s home, but instead of being home alone they were actually SPYING on the mystery neighbor. In today’s video, its time for the Sharer Fam to have some fun and do another Mystery Box Challenge. When Stephen Sharer wakes up at his house in Beverly Hills California, he notices a bunch of hay set up in the backyard. He calls his sister Grace Sharer and best friend John to try to figure out what’s going on. First they read the mystery letter challenging them to a Fastest Sled Wins $10,000 contest! But this $10,000 Money Contest is going to require snow and it is currently warm and sunny in Los Angeles. Not sure, how this family challenge will work, they hear some noise happening in the backyard and go to check it out. They head to the backyard and discover it is SNOWING in LA! Thats right, the snow challenge is transforming the Sharer Family Backyard into a winter wonderland with homemade diy snow yes real snow! And just like Mr Beast Team Trees initiative, the Plants VS Zombies team is donating 500000 team tress to the organization!! So this video is helping plant trees for Mr Beast #TeamTrees charity and the Sharer Family is helping out the planet!! The Sharer Fam tennis court is being transformed into a Backyard Winter Wonderland complete with candy canes, inflatable snowmen and inflatable sleds and a real life sledding slope hill. It’s a SNOW DAY at the Sharer Fam House in sunny California! To get this epic challenge started Stephen Sharer and John grab their snowmobile sleds, SNOW SCOOTER, and inflatable snow floats and get SLEDDING!! Who do you think is going to have the biggest WIPEOUT Fail?! And who will cross the Finish Line FIRST and win the $10,000 Snow Mobile Race?!


▶︎ Stephen Sharer – Snow Day (Official Music Video)

WE STOLE MYSTERY NEIGHBOR VLOG CAMERA!! (Tracking Device Prank to Reveal True Identity)

Mountain Top Snow Battle | Dude Perfect

Mr Beast Last To Leave Toilet Wins $1,000,000

Faze Rug Giving My Mom $1,000 EVERY 10 Minutes…

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