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In today’s BRAND NEW vlog for 2020, Stephen Sharer and like TWIN SISTER Grace Sharer are SPYING on the POND MONSTER TWINS. The pond monster twins were outside the SHARER FAM HOUSE with the stolen sharerghini Lamborghini. The pond monster twins stole the keys back from the sharer family and went down an ABANDONED road in the MYSTERY NEIGHBOR neighborhood. Steve Shar tries to trick the twins by offering them a snack but it was an EPIC FAIL and didn’t work. The mystery creatures parked the car on the road and ended up doing a PRANK ON STEPHEN SHARER by leaving a fake Lamborghini key in the car. Then the pond monster twins chase bro & sis throughout the neighborhood. Watch today’s vlog for the HIDDEN CLUES and TOP SECRETS REVEALED!!

▶︎ Twin Pond Monster Found Searching for Stolen Sharerghini!! https://youtu.be/WrYI9DYW9L0
▶︎ Grace Sharer Found Stephen Sharer Stolen Sharerghini (Pond Monster Broke it?!) https://youtu.be/rKKASonCdog
▶︎ Chad Wild Clay CWC LEAP of FAITH GONE WRONG! Trapped in Trampoline Park 24 Hour Challenge to Find Regina’s Last Name! https://youtu.be/Tq0obKbiH8Y
▶︎ Unspeakable 24 HOUR WOULD YOU RATHER CHALLENGE! https://youtu.be/Vfh5CcEQn9o

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