Who Will Win the Battle Royale Nerf Challenge?? #Nerf

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In Stephen Sharer last vlog β€œLAST TO FALL OFF MECHANICAL BULL WINS $10,000 CHALLENGE!! (New Mystery Neighbor Friend Surprise)β€œ you saw Steven Sharer and his almost twin best friend John did an epic LAST TO STOP RIDING SPY MACHINE CHALLENGE similar to Carter Sharer β€œLAST TO STOP RIDING WINS $10,000” and Lizzy Capri β€œMECHANICAL BULL CHALLENGE!! (10 SECONDS WIN $100 DOLLARS)” in their Los Angeles backyard after opening a BRAND NEW $10,000 MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE! Today Stephen and John went to the WORLDS BIGGEST DIY NERF CHALLENGE in LA while searching for epic new homemade games to play. Similar to GRACE SHARER β€œWORLDS BIGGEST NERF BATTLE ROYALE CHALLENGE in REAL LIFE (WINNER GETS $10,000)” they find the newest most fun games while training to become spy ninjas such as the WORLDS FASTEST rideable wrecking ball ride where they do a LAST TO FALL OFF rideable spy gadget CHALLENGE. Stephen and John must learn new skills for the first time because the Mystery Neighbor could be spying on the NEW SHARER FAM HOUSE at any time as seen in GRACE SHARER β€œGoing Undercover as Secret Agents to Collect Mystery Neighbor Evidence (Face Revealed)”. Stephen and John discover the top secret control center panel which lets them control the gadget switches and play any games they want! They practice playing with the NERF BLASTERS similar to Stephen Sharer β€œWORLDS SMALLEST NERF GUN!!” in order to go on a undercover mission to catch the neighbor spying on them and trying to take the $10000 dollar money cash prize! Steven Sharer and BFF John stay for so long it almost becomes a 3AM LAST TO LEAVE CHALLENGE! You won’t believe what happens next when Stephen Share wins $10000 and gets the money prize and becomes the WORLDS GREATEST top secret agent. Does this mean Stephen will get the most challenge points and win the ultimate sharerfam challenge and get to do a mystery neighbor FACE REVEAL? Grace Sharer was not here today because she was back home with Otter Sharer Dog! and Cooper Puppy!!


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